What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

One of the most popular features of Snapchat, a popular photo and video sharing platform, is its attention-grabbing interface, filled with various types of emojis. For a new or occasional user, the interpretation of these symbols might seem confusing. However, each emoji has a specific meaning or significance, established to indicate various Snapchat interactions and relationships. Let’s delve into the world of Snapchat emojis and understand their meanings.

1. Gold Star and Yellow Heart: These emojis signify recent interactions. If you see a gold star next to a friend’s name, it means that they’ve replayed the last snap you sent. A yellow heart means you and your friend are each other’s #1 best friends on Snapchat.

2. Red Heart and Pink Hearts: The red heart emoji pops up when you’ve been #1 best friends with someone for two weeks, and pink with two hearts symbolises that you’ve been each other’s #1 best friend for two whole months.

3. Grimacing Face: This emoji means that your #1 best friend is their #1 best friend too. It essentially indicates a reciprocal best friend relationship where both parties interact the most with each other.

4. Smirk: If the smirk emoji appears, it means you’re their best friend, but they’re not your best friend. Essentially, this user sends you the most snaps, but that is not reciprocated on your end.

5. Sunglasses Face: It symbolises mutual best friends. It appears when one of your best friends is also on your friend’s best friend list.

6. Baby: The baby emoji shows up when you’ve just become friends with someone.

7. Hourglass: An hourglass or timer emoji indicates that your Snapchat streak with a friend is about to expire. The Snapchat streak feature enables users to send snaps back and forth for consecutive days.

Remember that these emojis aren’t random, but rather, they’re linked to your interactions with other users on Snapchat. So, if you want to make sense of your friend list, these emojis can give you a good idea about your Snapchat relationship with the user.

Finally, keep in mind that you have control over these emojis. If you want to customise what emojis appear, you can easily achieve this in your Snapchat settings. You just need to tap on your profile, and choose ‘Customize Emojis’ under the ‘Who Can…’ section.

So, this brief guide would have hopefully helped you decode the Snapchat emoji language. Happy snapping!