What Does an ‘X’ Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat, since its inception, has become a widely used social media platform among teens and young adults. Known for its unique features and symbols, the app offers a different and dynamic way of social interaction. The symbols and emojis used frequently by Snapchat often leave users wondering about their true meanings. One such symbol is an ‘X’.

The ‘X’ on Snapchat might appear under different circumstances and its meaning largely depends on the context it is used. Here, we’re going to shed light on some of the most common interpretations of the ‘X’ symbol on Snapchat.

The first and foremost usage of ‘X’ on Snapchat is to signify a streak. Snapchat streaks occur when you and a friend send snaps (photos, not chats) to each other for consecutive days. Normally, snap streaks are represented by a fire emoji. But what about an ‘X’? Well, if you see a snap streak icon followed by an ‘X’, it’s a warning sign. This symbol tells you that your streak with a certain friend is about to expire and that you need to send another snap to them soon to keep the streak alive.

Another possible place you might see an ‘X’ is in Snap Maps. Snap Maps is a feature on Snapchat where you can share your location with friends and see who’s around you. If you or a friend chooses to stop sharing locations on Snap Maps, an ‘X’ symbol will appear. This ‘X’ simply means location sharing has been turned off.

Sometimes, Snapchat users put ‘X’ in their story or send snaps with ‘X’ to their friends for various reasons. In this case, the ‘X’ doesn’t have a defined meaning established by Snapchat itself. It could be part of a game, a call to action or a signal for everyone who sees it to do something specific. Its meaning often depends on the context of the story or the person using it. Therefore, it’s often best to ask the person who posted or sent the ‘X’ what they intended it to mean.

Lastly, ‘X’ could just be used as a regular letter on Snapchat like in any other context, such as forming words, phrases, and sentences.

So, as you can see, the ‘X’ symbol on Snapchat can have several meanings, most of which depend on the context of its usage. Remember, the interpretation can vary significantly among Snapchat’s user base, and the connotation that one person associates with the ‘X’ symbol may not be the same as another person’s understanding.