What Does “Sent as SMS Via Server” Mean?

Today’s technological era brings along many terminologies that could be confusing to some. You might have come across the phrase “sent as SMS via server” and wondered what it means. This statement is closely linked to the mobile and internet technology, specifically to the process of sending and receiving messages. As this statement might appear technically obscure, let’s break it down in understandable terms.

At a high level, the term “Sent as SMS via server” means that a text message has been sent using a server, typically an internet-based server, as opposed to sending it directly from one mobile device to another. To grasp this, it is important to understand what SMS and servers are individually.

SMS or Short Message Service is a communication protocol that allows the exchange of short text messages between mobile devices. These messages can contain up to 160 characters in their most basic form. Previously, when mobile data or internet connection was unavailable, text messages were the primary mode of communication on mobile phones.

On the other hand, a server is a computer or system that manages network resources. It provides, hosts, and shares resources among computers over a network. In the context of sending messages, servers are usually used as intermediaries to aid the transmission and reception of the text messages from one device to another.

In the scenario of “sent as SMS via server”, it implies that instead of the message being sent via the traditional cellular network (from one mobile to another), it is sent via a server. This process is common in online messaging apps and platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Google Hangouts, where the internet is used to transmit the message. The information in the message goes to the server first, which then sends it to the recipient.

For instance, when you send a message on WhatsApp, the message is first sent to the server of WhatsApp, which then delivers it to the intended receiver. So, the message has essentially been ‘sent as SMS via server.’

This method of communication has many advantages. It allows for the sending of messages internationally without incurring the cost of international SMS rates. It also enables users to send an SMS to recipients who do not have access to the internet, and it allows for mass messaging, which can be incredibly useful for businesses.

In conclusion, “sent as SMS via server” refers to the process of sending a text message over the internet through a server, rather than directly from one phone to another via a cellular network. This form of messaging has become quite popular in this digital age due to its expansiveness beyond geographical borders and cost-effectiveness.