What is the Meaning of BC?

The abbreviations BC and AD have a significant meaning when speaking about time periods. BC stands for “Before Christ.” It is a system used to reference the years before the birth of Jesus Christ. When we use the term BC, we are speaking of the timeline that exists before the commonly agreed upon birth of Christ.

It is widely agreed that Jesus Christ was born around the era of the Roman Empire. Although it’s hard to ascertain the accurate chronological timing, the timeline is usually divided into Before Christ (BC) and Anno Domini (AD). Distinction of eras with these terms gives us a relative understanding of historic events and periods.

Speaking in terms of chronological measurement, BC counts down from high numbers to lower numbers. For example, 400 BC is 100 years earlier than 300 BC. This, combined with our current timeline moving forward in years, can confuse some people. For example, a year in 100 BC happened before a year in 50 BC. Therefore, the smaller the BC year, the closer it is to the birth of Christ.

Moreover, the BC and AD system is attributed to Dionysius Exiguus, a Roman monk, who devised the method in 525 AD to determine the date for Easter. His new dating method divided the timeline into two parts, marking Jesus Christ’s birth as a central point. However, his calculations missed the mark by a few years, which is why the presumed year of Jesus’ birth lies between 3 BC and 6 BC.

However, in modern times and in an attempt to be more encompassing and less Eurocentric, you might often come across alternative terms to BC, such as BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). This new system is becoming more prevalent in academic circles, school textbooks, and other academic writings. But in terms of functionality, BCE is identical to BC; only the nomenclature has been changed to support a more secular viewpoint.

It is also worth noting that ‘BC’ can have different meanings in different contexts other than Historical timeline. For example, in digital slang, it’s not uncommon to see ‘BC’ in text messages or online chats symbolizing the term ‘Because’. Furthermore, in several countries, ‘BC’ can also represent abbreviations for states, regions, institutions, or festive days based on local language or traditions.

In conclusion, ‘BC’ widely stands for ‘Before Christ’ representing the timeline prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. But remember, context matters and the meaning of ‘BC’ can change according to the situation and usage.